Extremely durable Polymer 31 round 5.56
X 45mm Magazine for professional operators.

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The SR6 SMARTMAG is every clever feature of the R6-mag, only it has changed the SMART-Follower out for a anti-tilt standard follower. Get familiar with the quality from SMARTMAG without the +1round feature.


Magazine Features:

• Bullet Stack compensating curve geometri
• Extreme environment Polymers
• Self-lubricating SR6-Follower with curve compensation geometri
• Drop-free capabilities



The internal geometry has been designed according to the curve formed by 15 rounds of AR-15 bullets stacked on top of each other which will ultimately form a circle if you keep stacking them. This geometry ensures a smooth glide of the bullets as they are forced upward inside the magazine by the magazine spring. 

The Main Mag Spring MS15.5.26 is made to our exact specifications. The spring is designed specifically for the R6 SMARTMAG. This ensures again the smooth feed of bullets and steady movement of the SR6-Follower 

The SR6-Follower holds self-lubricating and anti-tilt dimensional properties as well as curve-compensation, which ensures that the follower levels out inside the magazine as the first bullet is inserted into the magazine. Hereby the follower will not scrape the inside of the mag as the bullets are dispensed and the magazine is emptied.

The outer geometry of the SMARTMAG has drop-free properties according to Colt Mag Well standards and a reinforced structure matrix. The structure gives the magazine its impressive structural strength and makes the lightweight properties possible.

Additional Information
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 x 7.5 x 3 cm

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