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0. Bolt Stop

In order to take advantage of the Time to Change concept you will have to follow these three simple TTC-Reloading steps whenever the bolt locks to the rear:
Release the Bolt, Eject the empty magazine and insert a new full magazine.

Release, Eject, Insert.

1. Release/Drop Bolt

Whenever the bolt Locks to the rear, you start your TTC Emergency Reload by immediately releasing the bolt which will then drop on the last round in your magazine.
Hereby reloading your firearm before you continue the reload.

Slide your hand back along the rail, to the bolt release. Tilt the rifle slightly so the bolt release supports the rifle on your palm. Push the release with your palm and I.D the chamber opening as the bolt drops on the last round in your magazine.

2. Eject Magazine

Keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction or on target, and eject the empty magazine.

As the empty mag drops from the magwell, you should start finding a new mag from your emergency reloading source.

3. Insert Mag

Insert the new magazine with a firm push into the mag well. Give it a slight pull to make sure it is properly inserted.

You have now completed your TTC-Emergency Reload, and you´re back in the fight with a minimum of downtime.