The Tactical aspect is an important part of the idea, design & development process. Between the members of our team, we have more than 50+ years of shooting and tactical experience, which ensures our ability to innovate, not only the hardware, but also the tactical theory behind the product.

Add to that our network of former and active Military & LE operators, who we involve at the earliest stage of new projects to make sure every aspect is considered.

A lot of ideas has gone through our R&D stage, but then we look at all of them again from a tactical viewpoint, and not many ideas pass this stage. Change for the sake of change alone won´t do. It has to add that tactical advantage that will make the change and possible need of re-training worthwhile.

And when these guys has given their input on the tactical use of a product, they are going to wan´t to try it themselves. Which then is when we start looking at our last key word in our Mantra. Performance. These guys knows what they expect from the guy next to them, and they don´t expect less from the gear they choose to carry. When you work in environments where only the toughest can keep a mental breakdown at bay, you don´t need your gear to do so. You need gear that performs in even the most hostile and stressing environments imaginable. Therefore our third key word in our Product R&D chain is Performance.

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