We didn´t just set out to develop another Polymer Magazine with the benefits of the Time to Change concept. From the very beginning we were determined to produce a GREAT Polymer Magazine with the benefits of TTC. So when you buy a TTC-MAG, you buy a constant curved X-Tech Polymer magazine, with reinforced curve compensating, anti-tilt, self lubricating TTC-Follower. Got it? Let´s go through it step by step.

 Time To Change Magazine 

When you use a TTC-MAG a bolt stop no longer means empty gun. It means you have one round left ready to chamber by dropping the bolt BEFORE you start finding your new mag. Meaning every reload is a “Tactical Reload” on a closed bolt and with one round in the chamber. Always!


Constant Curve

Because every cartridge has a conic shape, stacking 2 X 15 rounds against each other in a magazine means they will form a curve. That is why a 20 round alloy mag is straight and a 30 round alloy mag is bend. This compensates for the stacked bullet curve. Instead of bending the mag, our Polymer TTC-MAG has a perfect curve interior designed according to the 5.56/.223 caliber curve of 31 rounds. This means a smoother feed of the bullets even when exposed to the elements.

X-Tech Polymer

Not only the geometric design is important to realize a great Polymer Mag. The Polymer itself has to be state of the art, utilizing the newest  of polymer technologies. That is why we use X-tech filled Temperature Resistant Polymer. X-tech adds small X glass fibers to the mix, which means the glass will connect in both x and y directions, giving a higher geometric stability.


The clever TTC-Follower has a special spring loaded trip that engages the bolt stop when the next to last round is fired. This means that when the bolt locks to the rear, you know you have one round left in your magazine. So whenever the bolt locks, release the bolt to chamber that last round BEFORE you find your new mag.

Think about your car. It is called a “Low fuel” indicator, not a “No fuel” indicator. Basically your AR-15 locks the bolt when it has run out of fuel. The Time to Change Follower is actually your “Low Ammo” indicator, which lets your go over to your reserve tank while reloading. Just by hitting the bolt release, you will load that one round to keep you safe while you get your rifle refueled by finding a new magazine. It takes about 0,19 seconds for your reaction hand to reach the Bolt release. It takes 2-4 seconds to do a full standard reload procedure with no #%&-Ups. In that time you are unnecessarily vulnerable, while with the TTC-FOLLOWER or TTC-MAG you will be locked and loaded ready to send that round flying within a split second.

Curve Compensating

We realized that because of the special geometric design of the curve in the magazine, a follower that could compensate with a 1 degree angle was necessary. This means that the follower sits uneven without bullets but when you insert a round, the follower will not touch the inside of the magazine in more than one place at a time. Hereby helps prevent the follower from tilting which could potentially stop the feed of bullets, if the follower becomes stuck.



TTCMAG StregTegning





















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