Innovative is the first word in our mantra. And with good reason. Being innovative is needed in order to stand out and really make a difference. Maklarbak was not founded to flood a market with the status quo wrapped in new designs and nice new colors. We are here to deliver progress and improvement. It is all about asking the right questions, and think out side the boxes and paradigms. When we innovate, we park our military experience and activate our open mind. We question everything and ideas start fluorescing. The Time to Change concept is a perfect example. As an unexperienced shooter 12 years ago, it was natural for our CEO to ask the question: “Seriously, so I don´t have any rounds while reloading if I get down to a bolt lock?”

Think about your car. It is called a “Low fuel” indicator, not a “No fuel” indicator. Basically your AR-15 locks the bolt when it has run out of fuel. The Time to Change Follower is actually your “Low Ammo” indicator, which lets your go over to your reserve tank while reloading. Just by hitting the bolt release, you will load that one round to keep you safe while you get your rifle refueled by finding a new magazine. It takes about 0,19 seconds for your reaction hand to reach the Bolt release. It takes 2-4 seconds to do a full standard reload procedure with no #%&-Ups. In that time you are unnecessarily vulnerable, while with the TTC-FOLLOWER or TTC-MAG you will be locked and loaded ready to send that round flying within a split second.

Having Innovation as a dominating part of our company strategy is what makes us different from all other weapon and weapon component manufacturers. We are not afraid to try something new, and we see change as an important part of staying ahead, and at the end of the day, staying alive. Whether it be as a company in a competitive market, in a home defense situation or navigating the hillsides of tomorrows Afghanistan at night.

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