Time to Change

Think about your car. It is called a “Low fuel” indicator, not a “No fuel” indicator. Basically your AR-15 locks the bolt when it has run out of fuel. The Time to Change Follower is actually your “Low Ammo” indicator, which lets you go over to your reserve tank while reloading. Just by hitting the bolt release, you will load that one round to keep you safe while you get your rifle refueled by finding a new magazine. It takes about 0,19 seconds for your reaction hand to reach the Bolt release. It takes 2-4 seconds to do a full standard reload procedure with no #%&-Ups. In that time you are unnecessarily vulnerable, while with the TTC-FOLLOWER or TTC-MAG you will be locked and loaded ready to send that round flying within a split second.

With TIME TO CHANGE we have turned the “empty gun problem” inside out. Our Founder, CEO and inventor of the TTC-Follower asked the very important question the first day he went to the range more than 12 years ago. Why? Why does our rifles leave us with no rounds left after a bolt stop. A situation so distressing that we will eject partially expended mags, replacing them with a full mags whenever possible.  This procedure is known as the “Tactical Reload”. The procedure solves the problem, but the wastage of cartridges and magazines can be significant.

Why not have one round left after every bolt lock, which you can then chamber by dropping the bolt, BEFORE you start finding your new magazine? Leaving you with a loaded gun between mag changes every time.

Here is how it works; The very clever TTC-Follower has a bolt stop engager that trips the bolt stop on the next to last round. With a TTC-Follower installed a bolt stop no longer means empty gun. It means you have one round left ready to chamber by dropping the bolt before changing your mag! This means that every reload becomes a tactical reload.

The TTC-Reload procedure goes like this; Release, Eject, Insert.

  1. Release/drop the bolt on the last round in your TTC-MAG (Weapon NOT Empty)
  2. Eject the now empty TTC-MAG (Weapon NOT Empty)
  3. Insert a fresh TTC-MAG and carry on (Weapon NOT Empty)

With your weapon never empty that is. This is the beauty of the TTC-Concept.


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